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         Bamboo has the ability to absorb natural minerals from the earth and after carbonization, it can absorb

 filth, pollutant.  As the bamboo charcoal also contains calcium, sodium, iron etc. , it produces anions to purify

 the air and improve acidity situation. Here under are the major characteristics of the bamboo charcoal:

A) Anions
    Anions are very good to the human body, more anions in the air is healthy. Anions also can activate metabolism of the human

     body, stimulate the  blood circulation, prevent ageing, stabilize the nervous system, restore vigor and eliminate shoulder and

     lower back pain.

B) Far Infrared Rays

     Bamboo charcoal emit Far Infrared Rays. Natural Far Infrared Ray make the human body warm naturally from inside which helps to revitalize human cell


C) Antiseptic, Deodorant

     Bamboo charcoal contains a lot of natural minerals, it possesses excellent antiseptic, deodorant, insects repellent, mold prevention qualities and will

     improve the hygiene of its direct environment. Bamboo charcoal yarn contain these same characteristics.

D) Adjust humidity

     Bamboo Charcoal can adjust humidity by absorbing moisture, sweat etc. , this function has been well-known for a long time. In moist environment it

     absorbs moisture, and when the environment is arid, it timely releases moisture. Bamboo charcoal yarn contain these same characteristics.

E) Limit the electromagnetic wave

     Bamboo Charcoal has a very strong hardness and it will limit the harmful aspects of electromagnetic wave and static electricity in its direct vicinity.


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