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Making a pot of delicious tea or coffee   (Can be used for about 2~3 months)

     Put 1~2 washed Bamboo Charcoal Slices into 1 liter water to boil with, the water will not getting dirty and due to porous structure can absorb chemical elements in the water to purify water. The bamboo charcoal contains nature mineral substance can release into the water, and improve the PH of water to make the water more tasty.

Cooking Rice  (Can be used for about 2~3 months)

    Cook rice with bamboo charcoal, except can absorb chlorine, and other harmful chemical materials, and release calcium, sodium, iron etc.. natural minerals, make the rice more sweet, by the way, bamboo charcoal will emit far infrared function, equalize the heat to every single rice, so the rice will taste more delicious. Prevent the rice get oxidation from keep warm.

The refrigerator master of deodorization & Fresh  (Can be used for about 4 months)

                                 <<put bamboo charcoal about 100g every layer in the refrigerator>>

    The surface area of the bamboo charcoal is 6 times of the general active charcoal,  with very strong absorb strength, can absorb the ethylene gas emitted by food and ammonia smell from rotten meat or fish. By the way,the bamboo charcoal will produce anions, it can prevent oxidize and keep food fresh, it is one environmental material of deodorization and keep fresh.

Protection against insects of rice jar  (Can be used for about 4 months)

    Put a few bamboo charcoal slices into rice jar can defend from worm, and keep fresh, as bamboo charcoal possess driving out bugs, adjust the humidity's function, it

is our ancestor's intelligence too.

Bamboo charcoal SPA  (Can be used for about 4~6 months)

   The chlorine in the water with characteristic will adheres to the protein, which cause hair branching to rupture, dandruff, itching, depilating, drying skin....the main reason of those problem, the outdoor bathing pool which bamboo charcoal slices has been put,  as the adsorption of the bamboo charcoal, will absorb chlorine in the water at first, activate water.  The feature of far infrared ray of the bamboo charcoal, can permeate the temperature of water into the depths of the human body, reach the warm health care, have a very good effects to the physiology or the spirit.


Soil improvement

   Crush the bamboo charcoal to pieces and imbed under the ground. As bamboo charcoal contains various natural minerals which can enrich soil's organic matter, improve the effect of the soil.

Restrain germs from Fish Jar, Vases   (Can be used for about 2~4 months)

Throw the bamboo charcoal into the vases or the fish jars, will disinfect and purify the water ,delay the water decaying, contribute to the water absorption of scapes, keep fresh of the flowers, suppress the pest propagation in the fish jars.

Purify the air   (Can be used for about 4~6 months)

The bamboo charcoal is the most natural purifying material, put it on the airtight vehicles or peculiar smell space, the effect is obvious.

The dehumidification & deodorization of shoes cabinet, wardrobes 

     (Can be used for about 4~6 months)

Place the bamboo charcoals in shoes cabinet, wardrobes, can solve the problem of the mildewing flavor and moisture.

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