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  Bamboo Charcoal Sheet


It has the surprising ability to act against odors, moisture, release infrared rays, guard against magnetic waves, purify air , activate water and prevent the growth of molds.

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 Bamboo Charcoal Vinegar


Bamboo charcoal vinegar, which is widely used in Japan to activate skin. Has a very high opinion. Which helps to kill germs, disinfections, repel mosquitoes and ants.

 Bamboo Charcoal  Deodorant  

Can act against odors, moisture. can be used at any places of the house, such as bookcase, wardrobe, shoes cabinet,refrigerator, bathroom, even in the car.

 Bamboo Charcoal  Face-soap  

Our Bamboo Charcoal Soap promotes healthy skin by moisturizing, deodorizing and absorbing impurities and stinks, advance catabolismactive body’ metabolismrestore tirednessadvance function activity, immunity, resist fungus deodorization, prevent mouldscan soften cuticle ,wash away old cuticles clean the skin through

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