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21st century declaration of Ecological environmental protection     

          SUPERTECH   and his partner     ECOMAX    have been devoted to researching and developing the PET BOTTLE recycled fiber technology for many years, retrieve the PET BOTTLE, after  multiple process of washing , melting .... is spun into the yarn - " PETSPUN ",  the first textile  mill which researches and develops PET BOTTLE

PET bottle


New Product

recycled environmental in our country ˇ¨ Taiwan ˇ¨, and supply diversified  textile market.

         Except got Taiwan environmental mark ˇ§TAIWAN GREEN MARKˇ¨, also approved & adopted by developed countries, such as Europe, U.S.A. and Japan etcˇK

       ˇ¨ PETSPUN ˇ¨  has the same functions and characteristics as POLYESTER;  natural, soft, ventilative, rid of moisture, antibiotic, stink prevention ˇKmany kinds of efficiency, will not cause the injury to the human body, could be blended with other nature fiber and can make many kinds of special process which accord with the recycle environmental condition.  

      SUPERTECH   and his partner    ECOMAX    are devoted to the manufacture of the special   recycled fiber of PET BOTTLE, the manufacturing process and products accord with even more conditions that  ˇ§save resources , low pollution , recycled ", their purpose is to less the burden of the earth, give our progeny descendants one clean earth.  



   Above products' technique support and production are by  ECOMAX Textile



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