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      Environment-Friendly  Clothes

      Look the models in the picture at the left side, all the

clothes has been made by  PETSPUN , regenerative material

by recycled PET BOTTLE, feeling, appearing just same as

normal fabrics.Same as nylon, polyester, acrylic¡Kfabrics, all

   are refined from petroleum, PET BOTTLE material is refined from petroleum too.                

    PETSPUN  , just retrieve those PET BOTTLE, cutting, Melting, fibers, yarns then fabrics.

   More particular about, can be mixed with some linens, cottons etc¡Kto make the            

   fabrics  more comfortable and artistic.                                                                                      

  The clothes made by  PETSPUN , except environmental consciousness

  , all the Same as normal fabrics, ventilation, can be washed, to be

   ironed¡Khowever, there is not so many colors available as we do not

   want to add too much artifacts.      


 Polo-shirt  & T-shirt

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The uniforms for workers of

SEVEN ELEVEN  in Taiwan,  

 and the aprons ordered by        

Taipei City Government

both clothes are  made by       

 PETSPUN  fabrics.                  

   As the retrieve PET BOTTLE has increased the cost, the fabric

   cost will be 20~30% higher than Normal fabrics in the market,

   but don¡¦t forget that PETSPUN really can feed back to the Earth

   ¡§The Mother of Human being¡¨                                    Supertech     


   Above products' technique support and production are by  ECOMAX Textile 


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