All cap is made of wicking fabric in big-eye knitting which more breathable.

The inner edge is circled by the anti-perspiration band which is with quick-drying, deodorant and anti-microbial functions and effects.

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MD-J-1203 MD-J-1204 MD-J-1205 MD-J-1206


 Shape fit : fashionable & stylish streamline design.

 The Armpit is with multi-functional of super-elastic & wicking mesh fabric.

 Italian Sublimation Ink 



MD-J-1209 MD-J-1210

 The Front Chest is carefully & precisely stitched by multi
functional of super-elastic & wicking mesh fabrics.


Offer 3 back pockets.   YKK Zipper

 We are using the Wide silicon slip with friction.



Arm Protectors
MD-G-0001-01 MD-G-0001-03 MD-G-0001-07 MD-G-0002-00 MD-G-0003-00 MD-G-0004-00 MD-G-0004-05 MD-G-0004-07 MD-G-0005-00

 The inside part as elbow is designed and stitched by multi-flexible mesh fabrics, breathable and comfortable.

We are using the Wide silicon slip with friction.                     36-pin of Lycra, an ultra-flexible fabric.


 Specially designed silicon anti-slip strip, soft,breathable and not
easy to get deformed.

 We use to stitch our
knickers by the way of 4-pin-6-thread, then you'll feel easy and comfortable when
wearing it.


 36 - pin of Lycra, an ultra - flexible fabric.


 Innovative 9 - style 3D cut , completely conforming to the ergonomic requirements

 Italian hi-density condensed pad It has developed
a new generation of high-end ultra-flexible and
anti-vibrational Pad in different thickness to comfort
different part of the hip; it is more suitable to the human muscle outline and is along with the skin.



 The surface is managed by deodorant and anti-bacterial
treatment, thus the functions and effects of Wicking/Brea-
thable /QucikDrying/Light /Anti-microbial & Thin become
more excellent than ever.


MD-S-0001-03                              MD-S-0003-12          

     MD-S-0004 -07

MD-S-0004 -07                                 MD-S-0004 -07      


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